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Feb 15, 2010: Don't rely on others when you yourself can help

We at EFFA have always stressed the importance of taking initiative when it comes to helping animals. Whenever a situation presents itself to help an animal, help the animal. Don't rely on the "kindness of others", or think "someone will help this poor animal", help the animal yourself! We have always gone out of our way to help animals, and we encourage all EFFA supporters to do the same.

Some people are superstars of helping. They're the ones who sacrifice a lot to help animals, by starting animal rescue organizations, running no-kill shelters, constantly lobbying the powers that be to change the laws to be more fair to other animals, etc. These people didn't wait for someone to start an organization, to call the senator, to write the letter, to start a free spay-and-neuter program. They did it themselves. While we won't all be able to help on such a grand scale, we can incorporate this active participation in our everyday lives. If you see that a dog needs some food or water, give the dog some food or water. If you see a stray kitten, take him in. If an animal requires medical help, get it for him. If an animal is being mistreated, let someone know immediately. Remember, when faced with situations such as these, you have to adopt the attitude that if you don't do it, there's a good chance that noone else will.

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