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NOV 16, 2009: Are humans vegetarians or carnivores by nature?

I was at a party the other day, and was speaking to a doctor, who told me that "we (humans) are carnivorous by nature", and proceeded to give me some information about why this was the case. He had a lot of pretty good points. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. But honestly, all that talk about the differences in length of the intestines of cats, apes, humans, and sheep just gave me a headache...

His opinion reminded me that there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not humans are "naturally designed" to be meat-eaters... about whether our digestive systems are built for eating meat, or not. Most people in the medical community will tell you that humans are naturally omnivorous. That we are engineered to eat everything. We at EFFA think that human beings have the ability to be omnivorous, we have the ability (not a necessity, an ability) to eat meat, but we should choose not to. It all boils down to one of our basic beliefs: Just because we can do something, doesn't always mean we should do it. Just because our bodies have the capacity to eat meat, doesn't mean that we have to eat meat. That's how doctors mislead you - they tell you that "your body is designed for eating meat", but don't tell you that even if this is true, you still have a choice - you can still lead a perfectly healthy life as a vegetarian. They use our "plumbing" to justify bad choices, without thinking of all the other negative consequences of eating meat. There are tons of healthy vegetarians out there with bodies that are "designed to eat meat", that choose not to eat it. A balanced diet is key. Not meat.

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