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NOV 09, 2009: Carnivores welcome? What it means to be a supporter of EFFA

We're not afraid to say that eating meat is wrong. A lot of organizations mince words about this, but we don't. At the same time, we realize how difficult it is to change one's habits (in our primarily meat-centric world) and how so many factors in society constantly send us the message that, in fact, being a vegetarian is wrong! In our opinion, most people who are staunch "supporters of the the steak" are simply conditioned to think this, and, like most conditioned people, they go on the (false) assumption that this is the "only way to live". Deep seated conditioning can be a very hard thing to change.

Having said all that, you don't have to be a vegetarian to be a supporter of EFFA. To draw a comparison with religion, all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. are encouraged to follow a certain path. Not all follow the path 100% of the time, although the ones that really care about their spirituality try to follow it as much as they can. To call yourself a supporter of EFFA does, however, mean that you are familiar with, and agree with our Statement of Beliefs, and that you try your best to implement these suggestions in your daily life. It is important to point out that we should never be lazy. With all the needless killing of animals in the world, we should still do our best to change our habits as soon as possible.

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