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NOV 01, 2009: 2 questions regarding EFFA's take on vegetarianism and the consequences of eating meat

Q: Are you saying that if I eat meat I will somehow be punished for it? A: Short (and overy-simplified) answer: yes. We basically believe that any kind of cruelty to animals, or humans for that matter, will have its consequences. Whether someone kicks a cow, kills a cow, eats the meat of a cow, etc, - each one of these things will have negative consequences for that person, and for the world as a whole. You can't do something bad and expect to have no repercussions. The person who eats the meat of an animal did not kill that animal, but is consciously supporting the system that kills animals, so in our opinion eating meat is a negative action. Many people think that the slaughter of animals by the million every day is "just par for the course". We think that it is completely unacceptable. That is why we don't eat meat.

Q: What kind of consequences are you talking about? That depends on your your religion, or your belief system. I have my own belief system. Others in EFFA might not agree with my conclusions. What we all agree on, however, is that, to some extent, there are negative consequences to eating meat. And that a compassionate person who has crossed over into what we call Animal Empathy Enlightenment, will want to eliminate meat from their diet.

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