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FEB 19, 2010: EFFAblog - It's just an animal!

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the "just an animal" concept is very strong. Not only is it used to justify killing animals for food, but a variety of other types of mistreatment such as violence towards animals, abandonment, etc.

We at EFFA are not saying that other animals are exactly the same as humans. What we are saying is that they have enough in common with us to make it easy for us to realize that the "it's just an animal" argument is wrong. Let's examine how we're similar to most other animals. They have eyes like we do. They have hearts like we do. They have mouths like we do. They eat, play, go to the bathroom, feel fear just like we do. They feel pain and confusion like we do. They scream like we do. Is this not enough? Why focus on the differences when there is so much that we have in common? Why continue mistreating, abandoning, abusing, and killing these poor creatures?

The first belief in EFFA's Statement of Beliefs states, in part, that how we treat other animals is a test of our compassion and humanity. When you look at other animals and see all these things that they have in common with us, you should realize that at that moment you are GIVEN the answer to the test! It's a no-brainer. Look at all that this creature has in common with you! And all it requires from you, if not love, then some respect, or at least some mercy. How could you mistreat it? And yet so many of us do, and most of the time because we are conditioned to ignore the facts, and to believe that what the animal has in common with us is not important. Don't ignore the facts. The things we just mentioned, the things that other animals have in common with us ARE important. In the test of compassion, "It's just an animal" is the wrong answer. Don't fail the test.

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