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NOV 04, 2009: Transferring the love for your pets to other animals

We at EFFA love our pets... and we love other animals just as much. Many people in the world would never eat their pet, yet would have no problem eating a cow or a chicken. Why is that? Part of it is the fact that we get attached to pets. We get to know them. We start caring for them. We start seeing them as a living being that is to be loved and respected, even a member of our family. We start feeling compassion for them. We at EFFA would argue that ANYONE who has the capacity to get attached to a pet (which is pretty much anyone), has an equal capacity to get attached to another type of animal. An animal is an animal, whether it be a dog, a pig, or a bear. Sure, some are more obviously lovable, while others less so, but these differences exist in humans too! "Love your fellow man", for example, did not come with a "... as long as he's lovable". The same is true for animals. The main thing is to come to the realization that ALL animals deserve to be treated with love and respect. That's what we believe, and we act accordingly, trying to get people to open up their compassion to all types of animals. The point that we should all strive to get to is when we react the suffering of any animal equally, whether it be a farm animal, wild animal, or an animal that we would consider a "pet".

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