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MARCH 03, 2010: Preachy vegetarians

Vegetarians and vegans have a reputation for being "preachy" or "holier than thou". Look at any forum where someone is complaining about vegetarianism, and often you'll read things like "I don't mind if someone's a vegetarian, as long as they're not trying to change they way I eat" or "I hate it when vegetarians adopt a 'holier than thou' attitude". On one hand, we understand that someone who is not a vegetarian can sometimes perceive our attitude as "preachy". On the other hand, think of it this way - People who have attained a high level of compassion towards other animals tend to feel the same towards other animals (and rightfully so), as most people feel towards human beings. They have come to the correct realization that killing other animals and making them suffer is just as unacceptable as killing humans and making them suffer. Sure, spreading the word should never be done in an overly aggressive, antagonistic way. But this doesn't mean that vegetarians should "just shut up" about their beliefs. Why would anyone "just shut up" about an injustice as great and damaging as this one? It makes no sense.

It's not the same as trying to convince someone that blue is a better color than red. Or that Toyotas are better than Fords. These choices are harmless. Noone dies. The suffering that animals go through is real and it is widespread. Animal suffering, just like human suffering, should not be tolerated. This is the truth and we will continue to expose it. We can all agree that millions of animals are killed for food every day. Those still stuck in the meat-matrix call us "preachy" because we want this killing to stop. But if we come across as preachy, it's not because we're arrogant, or "holier than thou", - it's because we feel extremely sad that so many beautiful animals are killed because of our addiction to meat - animals who are living beings with emotions and feelings just like us. In a way, we're the voice of these animals. If we "shut up", who will speak for them? Remember, - there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to change the status quo when it brings so much harm to everyone involved. In fact, we encourage everyone to act in a respectful, informed way to spread the word about the benefits of vegetarianism, and the good treatment of animals in general.

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