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JAN 28, 2010: Freedom, as in breaking out of prison

When we choose to help animals, we are not only helping animals, we're also helping ourselves. This is a key element of EFFA's philosophy, and something we believe with all our hearts. The same way there are negative consequences to eating meat and treating other animals badly, there are positive consequences to helping other animals, and especially to the most powerful show of love - the refusal to eat them. We've often heard that the world's animals are humankind's prisoners... Well, we propose a slightly different version. As long as we continue eating meat and contributing to the suffering of so many animals around the world, we too will be part of that prison. We'll be right in there with the animals. One can't be part of a system that causes so much pain and suffering, and yet be "free". Freedom comes from breaking free of that system. Some people look at all the pain and suffering that the animals have to endure and feel saddened by it. We propose a slightly different solution: Don't feel saddened by it, just don't be a part of it. Take that extra step. Break free. Not only will you be helping animals, you will be helping yourself.

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