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NOV 14, 2009: The small-scale belief system

Four of us started EFFA about a month ago. Although we were from different backgrounds, different cultures, and grew up speaking different languages, we all shared the belief that the current way (many) humans perceive their interaction with the animal world is just plain wrong, and wanted to create a philosophy that was true to our innermost feelings about this subject. Since we agreed that these ideas are important, we wanted to (and want to) spread the word about them as much as we are able to.

As you might have noticed, we're a pretty small-scale organization. We keep things simple. A Statement of Beliefs. A list of answers to common questions about the "evils" of vegetarianism, a blog that expands upon some of the concepts in our Statement of Beliefs, and... that's about it. The blog is actually quite important as we try to really connect to our deep-seated compassion for animals (what we call Animal Empathy Enlightenment) when writing these entries. Apart from that, we don't really touch on the multitude of other (important) issues associated with animal-rights, such as factory farming, the economic downside of eating meat, etc. We only go into details if it is pertinent to the subject being written about. EFFA's focus is on morality and cause and effect, namely the negative cause and effect of mistreating animals and/or killing them. We've chosen the human-animal relationship as the scope of our beliefs, and decided to leave the other important issues to other organizations. For us, it's part of keeping our collective eye on the ball.

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