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DEC 06, 2009: EFFAblog - Seeing beyond the smoke-and-mirrors world of the meat-eating culture

The whole culture of eating meat is like a fancy smoke-and-mirrors magic show. You're not supposed to think about how the meat gets on your plate, or the fact that the meat comes from an animal that suffered, felt fear, lived in terrible conditions, etc... No, that would be ruining the "trick" - you're just supposed to accept eating meat as a "natural part of life". Smoke-and-mirrors. And that's exactly what a lot of people do... they go along with the show.

Well, we at EFFA know the magicians, and we know their tricks. We know how they do it. We're on to them. And we will expose the whole "magic show" for the fraud that it is... Why? Because this magic is not innocent. It's not entertaining. The sad, sad truth is that this magic is based on cruelty. It is based on the suffering and death of innocent animals. It is not acceptable. The show, however, is quite effective. Like we said, most people still believe that it's real. Somehow, these magicians have managed to hypnotize the masses into believing that what they do is completely natural and "consequence-free". Smoke-and-mirrors.

Some of you have already seen through the magicians, like we have, and are on to their tricks. The best we can do is to keep exposing the truth behind the meat-eating culture magic show, so that more and more people will come to see it for what it is - a cruel fraud.

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