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JAN 18, 2010: The Animal Compassion Mindframe... are you connected?

Animal Compassion Mindframe If you're not familiar with EFFA's core beliefs, we'd like you to introduce you to one of the most important ones: Our belief in the the "Animal Compassion Mindframe". To put it plainly, as the name suggests, this is what makes us feel compassion towards animals. The Animal Compassion Mindframe makes us see beyond society's smoke and mirrors. We begin to realize that that it is not OK to mistreat, hunt, kill, or eat animals. The person who has attained the Animal Compassion Mindframe knows that treating animals with respect, and not doing things to promote their suffering is incredibly important. This realization is an enlightenment of sorts - a deep feeling for the suffering of animals, together with a strong desire to do all one can to help them. If you feel this - Congratulations! :)

But how does one get to this point? How does one begin the really experience the Animal Compassion Mindframe? There are many roads, but here are three of our suggestions to help you really connect with your AEE:

1) Think about the suffering that animals have to endure every day. Really think about it. Think about the fear, confusion, and suffering that millions of animals all around the world are subjected to daily. Visualize it. There is plenty of visual proof of injustice out there which should awaken a certain level of empathy in our hearts. If seeing such injustice and suffering causes a "this is just wrong" reaction in you, you're on your way to tapping into the AEE.

2) Help animals any way you can. When you take in a stray dog or cat, buy a bag of food for a pet rescue center, or donate your time to an organization that helps animals, you are helping animals to survive. This is a very positive thing to do. Thinking about the good that you are doing will undoubtedly make you feel better, and even more compassionate towards the grateful animals.

3) Become a vegetarian. No longer being part of the cycle of death and suffering of other animals is a very positive thing, and very liberating. Yes, the cycle will still exist, whether you are a part of it or not, but with more and more people making the compassionate choice, it will become smaller and smaller. Many vegetarians who used to eat meat (including us) will tell you: "I couldn't imagine not eating meat before, but now I can't imagine eating it." This is true. Even if you haven't attained the Animal Compassion Mindframe, becoming a vegetarian can really help you get there. Without the meat in your system it'll be easier to really feel the suffering of animals that we consider "food".

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