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APR 19, 2010: The importance of helping (part 2)

dogcage1 In the past several years, we have visited several "no-kill" animal shelters in various parts of the world. Some people complain that shelters in the United States, Canada, England, etc. do not receive enough funding. Although this is absolutely true, we must remember that the state of (many) animal shelters in wealthier countries is nothing compared to the state of animal shelters in other parts of the world. In many poorer countries, animal shelters hardly get ANY financial support, and are usually run by 1 or 2 private individuals, who, out of sheer love and compassion for lost and abandoned animals, sacrifice their time, individual comfort, and money, to make life for these creatures more bearable, and to try to find homes for them.

Having met some of these people first hand, it becomes very obvious that, when it comes to animals, they have chosen to take upon themselves the "sins" of the society they live in, to try to balance out the lack of responsibility of the people around them. When the majority chooses to simply ignore the problem of stray animals, they care enough to help these animals. They end up spending all their money and time maintaining these shelters, relying on meager donations and kind-hearted volunteers. This is an enormous sacrifice. We can all help these people. Spread the word about adopting pets instead of buying them. If you know of a shelter where the person/people running it are simple overwhelmed by the amount of work, volunteer to help them. If you know for sure that the shelter is reputable and the people running it love animals, donate some food, supplies, money.

The people running small-scale animal shelters have made an incredible commitment to help animals. In most cases, it is a life-time commitment. Let's all do something to make life a little easier for them. Let's send a message that there are other good people out there who understand the sacrifice they're making and are willing to help them in creating a better life for animals.

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