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NOV 10, 2009: What makes EFFA different?

A friend of our recently asked us: "With all the pro-animal organizations/societies out there, why create a new one?" First of all, to answer this question, one has to understand that EFFA is not strictly a pro-animal organization. We are very much pro animal rights, and our main goal is the propagation of ideas and policies that will hopefully, in time, lead to a much higher percentage of vegetarians throughout the world. This much is true. But ours is a two-fold approach. We make it perfectly clear that there is a direct correlation between treating animals with love and respect, and one's own (moral) well being. We believe that the more compassion there is for animals, the fewer animals that people eat, the better the world will become for everyone. EFFA, in a nutshell, is about a new morality. We believe that the choice to eat or not to eat animals is a very important INDIVIDUAL moral choice, a choice that was given to us to test how compassionate and humane we can be. By developing compassion for animals, and by not eating them, we can radically change the course of our own lives, and eventually the world as a whole. We also believe in a gradual approach to positive change. We realize that becoming fully compassionate requires time and often requires us to go through various levels of awakened consciousness. This is why we don't have an all-or-nothing approach to animal rights or vegetarianism, and value every step in the right direction.

Apart from all this, in the case of organizations that promote love and respect for other animals... the more the better! :)

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