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NOV 06, 2009: With all the human suffering in the world, why do you focus so much on animals? Do you love other animals more than humans?

If someone who fights for animal rights or improved animal welfare comes across as "loving animals more than humans", it's probably due to the disappointment, disillusionment, and resentment s/he feels after realizing the terrible way many humans treat animals. How can a compassionate person not be? We have been given this intelligence, and instead of using it to live harmoniously with the world around us, we use it to subjugate other living beings. We consciously choose to kill animals, to mistreat them, to ignore their suffering. This creates resentment in many of our supporters, a resentment that is understandable.

Having said all that, the philosophy behind EFFA is not anti-human. If you look at our Statement of Beliefs, you will see that many of our ideas are meant to elevate humans out of the spiral of denial that causes many of the problems in the world today. By being respectful to other animals and treating them well and by cutting down on meat or eliminating it compeletely from your diet, you can improve both your own life and the lives of the animals you help. The whole concept of the Animal Compassion Mindframe, is meant to elevate each and every one of us to a level of consciousness that liberates us from the destructive habits we engage in on a day-to-day basis.

As for the first part of the questions, EFFA has always recognized the importance of helping humans as much as helping other animals. In our book, "A Better Relationship between Humans and Other Animals", there are several passages outlining the importance of helping in general, whether it be helping humans or other animals. We love it when we see people getting involved in making the world a better place: helping the elderly, helping orphans, helping people who are handicapped. The reasons we personally choose to help animals more than humans is because we feel that a) the playing field still needs to be evened out, and b) we feel it is our calling. The message we have for anyone who questions our motives is this: Instead of getting caught up in who helps whom and why, go out there and help whomever you feel like you should. The world will thank you for it.

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