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JUL 06, 2010: Am I a hypocrite because I kill mosquitoes?

Since we often get asked questions about vegetarianism, what constitutes good (or bad) treatment of animals, etc, we decided to do a series of posts with our views on these topics.

Q: I'm a vegetarian, and my meat-eating friend recently accused me of being a hypocrite because I kill mosquitoes. I didn't know what to say. Am I a hypocrite?
A: We posted something about wearing leather a couple of months ago, and a lot of what we wrote in that blog entry goes for this one as well. It's amusing that the people who accuse the most are the ones who eat the most meat and quite possibly care the least of all about the lives of not only mosquitos, but most other animals as well. Often, they accuse because they want to feel justified in their addiction to meat, and look for "holes" in a vegetarian's choices in order to feel better about their own choices, thereby continuing with their negative habits. The best way to respond to these types of accusations is by stating the truth: Noone is perfect, but every decision that shows that we do not support the mistreatment and killing of animals in our name is a good decision. Sure, it's better to not eat meat, not wear leather, and not kill insects. But someone who doesn't eat meat, doesn't wear leather, but kills a mosquito once in a while, has eliminated a good chunk of negative conditioning from his/her life, and this is a good thing. We at EFFA don't believe in the "all or nothing" mentality. We think that a person who is in tune with their Animal Compassion Mindframe will eventually start making more and more right choices, both in their diet, and in doing more to help other animals. It's not about being a "saint" or a "sinner" - it's about being on the right path or the wrong path.

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